Tom has represented and defended me two times. The first was many years ago in a moving violation in a vehicle. It was a very serious matter and I was in the wrong. I told Thomas of what I had done and was completely open and honest with him. I knew I was up a creek with no paddle but Thomas was able to get a plea deal that was very good. I was so relieved.

Years later I was in a pickle again. I have been living a good honest life and working hard to take care of my family. I was wrongly accused of a serious crime and facing many years in prison. I called Thomas once again and he took my case. Thomas and I had aged many years since we had seen each other. My father past away many years ago and spending time in consultation with Tom gave me a feeling of Tom being a father figure to me. Tom explained my case to me and even though it would be up to a jury to decide my fate, I truly believed that Thomas was doing everything in his will power to fight and beat this. Thomas could feel my innocence and told me he lost many nights sleep thinking about my case. The State’s attorney was young and new at their job and was out for blood. These young attorneys that work for the State don’t care your innocent or not, they just want to win and get as many wins under their belt so they can go private. They fight dirty. Thomas told me to forget about everything I had seen on TV. He said reality is nothing like you see on TV. Tom was able to help me see the misconception with how the court system really works. I asked Thomas what was the reason he decided to practice law. He said he just wanted to help people. I was found not guilty and that gave me my life back. I owe my freedom to Thomas and his team for fighting so hard for me and believing in me. I think of Tom from time to time and will always feel connected to him like family. I will be forever grateful. – Jerry C.