One of the first questions that arises in a family law matter is what happens to the various things that each party brought into the marriage or what they obtained while married. When a married couple decides to separate and/or divorce, the “marital” property must be divided. “Marital” property is determined by specific guidelines which our attorneys will discuss with you to help you determine what property is subject to division by the Family Court. It is crucial to have an attorney with the experience to recognize what property falls under the jurisdiction of the Court, and how to best approach broadening or shrinking that pool as appropriate.

Rock Hill Property Division Lawyer

Once the “marital“ assets have been identified, the Family Court will divide these assets based upon an extensive list of factors. Our property division lawyer in Rock Hill will work closely with you to identify and divide the property including real estate, business interests, investments, intangibles, and personal property. Many times, the specific division of the marital assets sought will be determined by the future goals of the client. Our attorneys in Rock Hill SC will help you formulate a plan for the division of property designed to suit your preferences and needs. It is often necessary to obtain the services of financial, accounting, and industry experts to assist in valuation of property. Our attorneys have experience working closely with such experts to reach an accurate and prompt resolution of your property division issues and have developed professional contacts with top experts in our area.

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