The “War on Drugs” in America results in thousands of casualties each year – people whose lives are irrevocably altered because they suffered from a substance abuse problem or because a single bad decision propelled them into dark world in which they did not belong. Once caught by the web this conflict weaves, otherwise upstanding citizens are often facing mandatory jail time, outrageous fines, and the stigma of being branded as a drug offender. When faced with these traumatic consequences, the decision of who will represent them becomes one of the most important decisions these people will face. Powerful interests drive the continuation of this “war”, as both law enforcement and prosecution bodies use it for funding.

Although not always apparent at first glance, criminal drug cases often involve complicated legal issues. Most drug cases are made following a search of some kind, whether authorized by a search warrant or initiated on an officer’s initiative without such documentation. Having an attorney who is well versed in the complexities of Search and Seizure law is the only way to ensure that all technical defenses are explored. Just as important as having an attorney who recognizes legitimate issues is having one who recognizes when no winning legal issues exist. Many defendants have been ill served by advice to pursue a frivolous legal issue, result in harsh punishments that could have been avoided if a better analysis was done.

Because the punishments for drug cases can rapidly escalate to very harsh levels, it is equally important to have an attorney who is well versed in the options and alternatives if a conviction cannot be avoided. Knowing about alternative dispositions such as drug courts, conditional discharges, and other diversions can mean the difference between a life time of dealing with a conviction versus having a clean record. If no diversion is possible, examining sentencing options for reduced charges or eligibility for expungement can lessen the impact that a person receives. A powerful advocate will explore all of these options before helping the client to decide which path is the best way to handle their case.

Regardless of the type of drug involved or level of involvement, retaining an experienced attorney as soon as possible in your drug case is critical in achieving a positive outcome. Our attorneys have had decades of combined experience in dealing with the trauma and consequences of criminal charges arising from drug use, drug possession and drug distribution. We have handled cases ranging from simple possession to trafficking of large amounts of drugs. We have the experience in handling complicated issues involving search and seizure that can only be obtained by being on the front lines of this ongoing conflict. Most importantly, we have worked with clients suffering from real substance abuse issues who need assistance in rebuilding their lives. This broad range of experience has given us the tools we need to effectively represent you on your case.

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